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4 Ways I'm Happily Quarantining

Guys. This has been hard! In the past month, I went from enjoying my favorite layovers and picking up extra trips to watching my industry crumble, dropping all my trips, seeing my dad become more worried by the day, watching my mom obsessively watch the news, saying a very abrupt good-bye to my two roommates, more or less losing my job, and packing my suitcases and moving back home. (Run-on sentence for a run-on month, apologies.) Not every day is happy, but I'm trying really hard to find (and keep!) joy during all of this. I know I am not the only one affected and I am so grateful that my situation is, at best, a temporary bummer. Here's what I've been up to:

Happy Quarantine Activity #1: Working Out

I'm admittedly pretty bad at maintaining a good fitness routine when I'm flying, because I already log thousands of steps walking through airports and the plane itself for hours on end each day! My layover workouts were mainly go to the hotel gym, treadmill, stretch, and go to bed, if anything. So, now that I have no routine, I decided to start one. Kayla Itsines's BBG app gave out a free month (and flight attendants love free things lol) so I hopped on that! It's been 2 weeks now that I've consistently worked out so... I'm proud of myself! Anyone else doing BBG? (Starting week 3 tomorrow!) I also am a big online shopper and I ordered new running shoes (got a big-time sale on my new Brooks!) and motivational workout gear for this purpose specifically... and I'm calling that #ESSENTIAL.

Happy Quarantine Activity #2: Online Teaching

I started teaching English online three years ago when I started flying as a side gig! I taught on every single off day I had, until I started dating my now fiancé! (Sorry, kids and you're welcome, Chris). It's competitive out there, and the parents of these kids have their pick of teachers right now with everyone trying to #WFH, but I'm back on the teaching market and have been really enjoying the classes I have each week. It gets me up in the morning, and then I'll work out and start my day from there! If you're interesting in teaching for VIPKID, click here or message me!

Happy Quarantine Activity #3: Doing things to think about literally anything else!

Distractions have been such a welcome blessing in this weird time. Just doing something to keep my brain occupied is much needed. I'm currently reading The Great Alone and Titanic's Last Secrets. I'm feeding my blog, (hi and thanks to anyone reading!) journaling more, crying for no reason (lol jk...maybe...) and baking like the rest of Instagram! Here's my pretty Easter cake.

Happy Quarantine Activity #4: Crafting

My sister and I went to Michael's after Christmas and I bought nearly the entire scrapbooking aisle...haven't touched a single bit of it since. Guess who has time now! I used to scrapbook a lot in high school and college, but that hobby has all but fallen by the wayside. In fact, I'm staring at my pile of supplies as I write, lol.

Full disclosure: I laid all this out, called my fiancé and lamented "gosh I used to be so cool,"and then packed it all up again. (He told me I was still cool though, don't worry.) Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today...unless you're in quarantine, right, Benny?

I miss flying. I miss smiling at literally hundreds of people a day. I went for a jog yesterday and another runner said "HI!" to me as I passed, and just that tiny bit of human interaction seriously raised my spirits. I'll get back to the skies one day. I can't wait to complain about annoying pax who don't buckle up when I tell them or who try to give me trash when I give them a drink, lol. I know they can't wait to do that either.

Until we meet again- stay happy, and stay safe out there. Big thanks to all the essential workers out there fighting Coronavirus. Special mention to my fellow air crew who continue to transport health care workers and needed supplies during this time. THANK YOU.

Happy quarantine. <3

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