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My Own Declaration of Independence: A Flight Attendant Life Update

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Imagine having a job but never knowing when you’re actually going to work. You try to go about your days as “normal,” but your job and your lifestyle are far from any norm. You sit by the phone and wait for a call, and when it comes, you have three hours to be at the airport and do whatever the person on the other end tells you to.

Being a reserve flight attendant is just that. You know your days off for the month and that’s it. There’s no telling when or where you’re going.

After flying as a reserve for over two years, I’ve just received my first line ever!

Why is this so exciting?!

Having what’s called a “line” means you’ve been awarded a line of flying, which is a moldable schedule for the month that you have autonomy over. This means you get to pick when you want to work, and when you don’t. There’s no more waiting by the phone and getting booty called at 3:00 am to fly to San Diego and immediately back. With a line, you know when and where you’re going in advance. You have the ability to pick and choose trips as they become available throughout the month, so you can work when you want to!

This is a drastic lifestyle change. You can now schedule appointments, make plans with friends, and actually plan things!

Each airline and base has different operational needs of flying, so there really isn’t a set period of time for which one remains a reserve flight attendant before getting a line. Two years and some change is pretty early to get a line in some places, so as you can imagine, I’m beyond excited and I am READY.

So where am I going this month? This is the question I can finally answer! I can tell you that I’m writing this in Philadelphia, am going to Seattle tomorrow, and have layovers in Spokane and Phoenix lined up. I’ve got an open schedule and am excited to have the opportunity to jump on any cool trips that open up throughout the month!

As everything with the airlines, nothing is truly predictable. While my classmates and flight attendants of my seniority are getting lines for the summer, it’s possible many of us will go back on reserve come the fall when the flying changes. Until then, I’m taking full advantage of this welcome change.

If you’re a reserve flight attendant reading this- hang in there! Everyone says it gets better, and this is proving to me that it does.

Here’s to the end of constant anxiety, sleepless nights, sitting at the airport waiting for an assignment, and all of the above unknown.

Let freedom, not scheduling, ring.

Happy 4th of July!


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