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What's In My Lunchbox

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Do you ever wonder what your flight attendants do after we serve drinks and walk the aisles telling everyone they're trash? (I kid. You've seen the Tweet.) We're hiding in the galley and EATING, probably. If we have two to four flights a day, there is no time to stop and grab food. That doesn't mean we don't ever eat out though- certain destinations won't allow any food to be brought across the border, even if you aren't staying in the country and have another flight the same day (lookin' at you, Mexico and Canada). Other times we'll have a long layover and will go out to eat at some point. Or, maybe we just didn't have time between trips to fully meal prep so we buy what we can in the airport or hotel.

But otherwise, we bring a lunchbox!

This is not your elementary school monogrammed LL Bean bag with your mom's PB&J, a cheese stick, juice box and Cosmic Brownie atop a blue ice pack. (Those were the days, though.) Flight attendant lunch bags are next level heavy duty and are stocked with multiple days of food!

We usually get to the airport really early in the morning, so I always like to have at least breakfast packed in my bag to eat in my room before we go, even if I'm planning on buying lunch or dinner on my layover.

You'll see lots of us carrying a large black bag like this one.

This guy is hefty. It's got all my food, some utensils, and, of course, my emergency Snickers bars. #essentials

For this four day trip, I went to the store and got what's pictured here for some snacks and meals. I like to have yogurt and oatmeal with some fruit for breakfast.

Not pictured, but one of my favorite plane snacks is salami with extra sharp cheddar cheese slices on Triscuits! This trip I subbed that for carrots and hummus.

I shredded the rotisserie chicken, cooked some rice, and put that into plastic Ziploc containers that I use to heat up in my HotLogic portable oven! That made three dinners right there! That's a very basic and affordable meal too.

Here I've got a package of vegetable noodle macaroni and some blackened chicken strips from the grocery store. I combined these into Tupperware and heated them up again in my little HotLogic oven. I also have glass Pyrex dishes that I really love and I can stick right into the plane oven and heat my food that way too.

As far as keeping things cool, thin ice packs and English ice bags (the blue things with snowflakes on the right in this photo) are the best. I fill those with ice when I leave the house, and once again at the hotel. These are especially helpful when the hotels don't have fridges in the room, which happens.

If I've got any great leftovers from home, I'll bring those on my trips too. It's fun to get creative cooking and having home-cooked meals on the road. Once I had a trip with two other girls and we all went to Publix, got a ton of food, and had a FEAST in the galley the next day. We got barbecue chicken, Brussels sprouts, and baked potatoes complete with cheese and sour cream and whipped it all up in the plane ovens! Ah, the beauty of long flights, good crews, and good FOOD.

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